Michael Genese


Michael Genese (he/they) is a composer, educator, tenor, and multi-instrumentalist.

With work converging in social justice, principles of sound, and contextual human experience, Genese’s work asks how artistic, sonic, and educational mediums can best reveal new understandings of the self, and how the presence of intersectionality in our thinking can be fostered through our interactions with music.

Based in New York City, they are currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Composition at The New School. Genese’s compositional work takes interest in the aleatory elements of embodied space, how these elements affect our music making, and how one may authentically utilize several sonic atmospheres at once through mediums of evocative thought, electronics, and multimedia.

Genese performs as a pianist, violinist, and sings as a tenor at several churches in the New York City area. They are a member and creative partner of Boston choral ensemble et al, co-producer on The Choral Commons, and founding member / head of communications for the internationally acclaimed social justice choir, VOICES 21C. Holding degrees in Music Education and Vocal Performance, Genese’s broad-reaching work as an educator is rooted in frameworks of abolition and restorative justice. Genese aims to affirm that in the creation of a more just and equitable world for those deepest in the margins, the arts and humanities are an invaluable tool in affecting states of consciousness and ignorance, as art-makers and listeners.