Black Dot Press Call for Scores

Applications are now closed

2020/21 Winners:

The Call

Every few years, Black Dot Press presents its Call for Scores initiative.

The call seeks to identify and publish scores that represent challenging, interesting, relevant and thought-provoking music.

One call. Twenty-six winners. Scroll for details.



At the end of the Call, Black Dot Press will announce not one, not two, but twenty-six* (26) winners whom will all receive:

  • an Associated Composer publishing agreement with Black Dot Press for the submitted work;
  • a professional-grade engraving of their work, courtesy of Black Dot Press;
  • a hard-copy full score of the published work; and
  • a signed certificate from the call for scores jury.

In addition to this, all entering participants shall be listed onto the Black Dot Press Member’s group, where:

  • discussions regarding new music, composers and pieces are held;
  • jobs and other employment positions are listed; and
  • discounts on the Black Dot Press store are available.

*up to 26 pieces shall be selected. This may vary according to the decisions made by the jury. The jury decision is final.


Composers at Black Dot Press. Find out more about them here.


Composition Criteria

  • Pieces can be for any instrument combination
  • No more than 10 instruments (orchestral or concerto works will, unfortunately, not be accepted)
  • Should be no longer than 50 pages (full score)
  • Pieces must have already been performed
  • Please note that composers may submit only one (preferably their best) work.

Composer Criteria

  • Composers must be over 18
  • Composers may come from any country, race, creed or background



Composers need to do the following to be considered for this call for scores:

  • Complete the Online Application Form, complete with:
    • Piece information
    • Full Score (.pdf)
    • Recording (.mp3). Please note that MIDI/Sample recordings will not be accepted.
    • Contact Details
  • Support Black Dot Press in one of any of the following ways:
    • Liking one of our platforms on social media (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) (Free), as well as sharing this call for scores page on said social media site.
    • Purchasing one of our scores from the Black Dot Press Shop (scores available from as little as £1)
    • Donating to Black Dot Press (any amount)


The latest search has concluded. 

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