Black Dot Press was founded by composer Conrad Asman in 2019. Initially, this served as a self-publishing label for his works but has since then expanded to serve as an independent digital publishing label. Black Dot Press is a fully independent publishing group that aims to provide a platform for contemporary new-music composers not only to present their work to a global audience but to explore other composers’ works from a variety of cultural backgrounds. After recently signing a publishing agreement with the digital sheet music app Nkoda, Black Dot Press has now begun officially inviting highly distinguished independent composers from across the globe.


Black Dot Press aims to provide a digital platform upon which their composers can exhibit their compositions on a global scale. In turn, Black Dot Press will allow composers from across the globe to explore a host of cutting-edge musical compositions from composers of different backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures. Finally, Black Dot Press is an independent publishing house that strives to put its composers first. Fair contracts and composer-majority royalty percentages are some of the many ways in which we show our confidence and loyalty to our composers.


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